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Australian Fellowship in Health Services Research and Policy

The deadline for receipt of applications for the 2013-14 fellowship is 19 July 2013.

There is a well recognized shortage of capacity in health services research and policy analysis in Australia. While many programs are contributing to the development of capacity through formal university programs and short courses, these tend to focus on specific skills and competencies; and there is less opportunity for mid career professionals to gain an understanding of the Australian health care system as a whole, or to make connections with key policy makers and analysts.

The Australian Fellowship in Health Services Research and Policy provides a unique opportunity for outstanding mid-career Australian researchers to gain an in-depth understanding of the Australian health care system, government and policy processes, recent reforms, and models for best practice. Fellows will meet leading health services researchers and policy analysts, and be part of a network which includes Harkness Fellow Australian alumnae and visiting Australian American Health Policy Fellows.

The Fellowship is aimed at people working in academic research centres, health service delivery organizations, health departments or similar organizations, who are at a mid-career stage.

There is no financial support connected with the Fellowship. Fellows will continue to work at and be fully supported in all fellowship activities, including their research or policy project by their home institution. They will undertake a health services research or policy project, and will attend the orientation, master-classes and reporting seminars of the program. These activities will cover approximately 4 weeks, 1 week at a time, at different locations around Australia. Participants will also be expected to attend at least one key conference, such as the Biennial Conference of the Health Services Research Association of Australia and New Zealand. Fellowship Activities will need to be supported by home institution.

The Fellowship is administered by the Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE) at the University of Technology, Sydney and overseen by the Fellowship Committee, and is co-ordinated with the Australian-American Health Policy Fellowship.

Up to half a dozen Fellows may be selected annually. The 2013-14 Australian Fellowship in Health Research and Policy will commence around September/October 2013.

Key Features

• Fellows are supported by a host institution so that they continue in their usual employment
• Research based; each Fellow will nominate a health services or policy project as a basis for the Fellowship
• Aimed at developing a cohort: Fellows would be brought together for several activities, including policy briefing, skills workshops, and reporting sessions. This would included shared activities with returned Harkness Fellows and visiting Australian American Health Policy Fellows (formerly Packer Fellows)
• Small group: aimed at supporting up to six Fellows per annum
• Involve senior policy makers in Australia and New Zealand in briefing and guiding the Fellows so that there is a strong foundation in real policy issues

Timetable for 2013-14 Fellows

19 July 2013 - Deadline for receipt of applications
Beginning of August 2013 - Notification of Shortlisting/Selection
Week of 12 August 2013 - Interviews

September/October 2013 - Starting Date

For more information contact:
Jane Hall, (Program Director), Professor of Health Economics, UTS jane.hall@chere.uts.edu.au
Sarah Green (Program Associate), HSRAANZ, sarah.green@chere.uts.edu.au