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Health systems worldwide are struggling to meet the current demands and challenges facing society today and, in the future.

Integrated approaches to healthcare, innovative models of practice and new technologies are needed to be cost effective and better address health outcome inequalities, the wider determinants of health, health prevention and protection.

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Our research

UTS has a strong translational and social justice focus in health. We have a cross disciplinary research culture that is highly engaged with the health sector, industry, practitioners and the worldwide research community.
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Research centres

Our capabilities span health economics and health policy; primary health care; nursing and midwifery; public health and health systems; Aboriginal health; health and clinical sciences; and health informatics and technology.

Australian honey a medicinal powerhouse
UTS research shows local manuka honey has at least as much antibacterial potential as its more famous New Zealand cousin.

Agreement renews partnership with Scotland's University of Dundee
The international collaboration has already produced influential research in mother and infant health.

Antipsychotic medications worsen delirium symptoms and hasten death

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