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The Global Big Data Technologies Centre (GBDTC) is an international centre of excellence for the development of enabling technologies for big data science and analytics, working closely with industry and communities to deliver real-world impact.

Research at GBDTC spans the breadth of mobile data acquisition and sensing, wireless data communications, computer vision, big data processing and storage, information security, computational intelligence and fuzzy machine learning, brain-computer interfaces, and cloud computing.

Our researchers work extensively in collaboration with industry, government and communities, as well as with distinguished academics from institutions across the globe, to deliver enabling technologies with impact. 

GBDTC provides a broad range of opportunities for research students to work alongside internationally acclaimed experts and our industry partners to develop innovative big data science and analytics enabling technologies.

Featured research

Advanced 3D imaging

Collaborating with high standard industry research labs worldwide – including Microsoft Research, Nokia Research and Huawei Technologies – we are developing a new landscape in PhD education and research competency to address long term scientific and industry challenges in security surveillance, augmented reality, LiDAR data analysis, and RGB-D image processing.
Featured research

Base station antennas for wireless

The wireless industry is developing 5th generation (5G) mobile communications networks to cope with the explosive growth of mobile data and services, creating a need for technological advancement. Our research will deliver base station antennas that are multi-band, compact, easy to manufacture and have minimum impact on our environment.
Featured research

e-Service intelligence

Online information overload is increasing and data patterns change over time, bringing challenges in prediction and decision making to solve problems. We are working to solve this through new developments in personalised recommender systems and their applications in e-business (BizSeeker), e-government and e-learning, with particular success in customer relationship management and logistics.
Featured research

Big data application workflow management

We are collaborating with the retail industry to develop innovative technologies to mine information correlation between big data application workflows, such life cycle medical or insurance workflows. Through enabling efficient and scalable performance of real-time advanced analytics in large-scale cloud computing environments, we"re helping businesses be more competitive.
Best Paper Award - Multidisciplinary International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (MIWAI), 2015
Prof Jinjun Chen has been re-elected as the Chair for IEEE’s Computer Society Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (TCSC) from 2016 – 2017
The 2015 Chancellor's Award goes to: Xuyun Zhang
Some of our Global Big Data Technologies Centre team attended CeBIT in early May to showcase our Centre's capabilities.

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