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The Design Innovation Research Centre (DIRC) partners with a broad cross-section of industry, community and government to disrupt traditional business practices and mindsets to develop capability for complex problem solving. Given our transdisciplinary focus, we do not reside within a faculty but form part of the UTS Creative Intelligence Strategy.

The DIRC team is committed to the use of research as a tool to disrupt traditional business practices. Our work creates new opportunities for innovation, drives company growth and encourages our partners to reframe existing organisational challenges in new and exciting ways. 

Partnering with DIRC offers exciting potential for industry organisations of all sizes and across all sectors. We work with our industry partners to develop design-led research that expands their products and services, business models and people engagement strategies. 

Our Books
Designing for the Common Good - By Kees Dorst
Are We There Yet? By Sam Bucolo
This inspirational book helps the reader to become an innovation leader in creating for the common good.
Are our innovation efforts aligned to the challenges of our times? With so much being written on design thinking, why do so many firms struggle to adopt this mindset and make this transition?
Frame Innovation, a book by Kees Dorst has been released!




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