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Whose City? Activist planning for a democratic Sydney

17 December 2015

Over 40 attendees participated in the 'Whose City?' workshop, a day of discussions followed by small group workshops. A summary of each was reported at the concluding plenary session.  

Professor Pugalis of the UTS Centre for Local Government opened discussions by setting out the issues faced by most modern cities, then Jenny Onyx, Judi Bamforth, Amanda Howard, and Margot Rawsthorne outlined some of the lessons from the Area Assistance Scheme (AAS) from 1979-2009, arguably one of the most successful schemes in the history of Australia.  Roberta Ryan convened a panel with Neil Selmon, Alex Lawrie,  and Geoff Turnbull, discussing democratic planning and local government, particularly the white paper provided by the current government of NSW promising a community participation charter enshrined in law as the centre of the new planning system. David Barrow and Justine Lloyd of Sydney Alliance provided a basis for working groups to pick themes to workshop in the afternoon and began by starting to identify point of potential leverage and framworks for citizen action. In preparation for the workshops, Jason Prior of the UTS Institute for Sustainable Futures identified themes for leverage.

'Whose City?' Program

'Whose City?' Workshop Final Report