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13 May 2014

June 2014

Submission to the Joint Parliamentary Inquiry into Multiculturalism and Migration

This submission on behalf of CCS, led by Professor Andrew Jakubowicz, proposes that the Committee should adopt a perspective that we describe as 'New Multiculturalism'

Summary of Key Points in Submission

CCS proposes the Committee adopt the idea of a New Multiculturalism, which would go beyond the current Government position by:

  • creating national legislation that provides a human rights structure for Multiculturalism in Australia
  • establishing a strong research capacity linking researchers, policy makers, civil society and business, separate from but supported by government, that is both policy and inquiry driven
  • building effective settlement programs that ensure labour market participation and reduce the processes of de-skilling that affect many immigrants
  • developing a media and public culture strategy that recognises and respects the cultural diversity of Australia, and ensuring it appears strongly in the media and the arts
  • support anti-racism as one critical side of the settlement experience

Download the full submission text here (PDF, 14 pages, 216 KB)



Submission on Australia's National Human Rights Action Plan 2012

By Professor Andrew Jakubowicz

Download the full submission text here (PDF, 5 pages, 70 KB)



Submission to Access and Equity: Inquiry into the responsiveness of Australian Government services to Australia's culturally and linguistically diverse population

By Professor Andrew Jakubowicz

Download the full submission text here (PDF, 6 pages, 79 KB)



May 2014

Submission on Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (Repeal) (No. 1) Bill 2014

CCS Director Dr Bronwen Dalton prepared a submission to the Australian Government on behalf of the Australian and New Zealand Third Sector Researchers Executive Committee:

Australian and New Zealand Third Sector Researchers (ANZTSR) believe that the ACNC should remain in place and continue its role because of the ACNC’s track record and ongoing potential to support the needs of the NFP sector of Australia. In particular, ANZTSR believes that the ACNC is critical to the realisation of the regulatory reforms and the establishment of the institutional architecture needed to allow the NFP sector to achieve its collective mission to work for the benefit of the Australian community.

Submissions to the Senate inquiry can be viewed here.
A summary of key points made in submissions submitted to date can be read here:


April 2014

Submission on s18C exposure draft changes to Racial Discrimination Act

The CyberRacism and Community Resilience (CRaCR) research group, an ARC funded project across UTS, University of Western Sydney, University of Sydney, Deakin University, Monash University and UNSW, made a submission to the Australian Government on s18C exposure draft changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. The Submission argues that:

Any changes to legislation should be based on a careful and empirical appraisal of the likely impacts of those changes on the most vulnerable groups in Australia, an assessment of the costs and benefits of such impacts on social cohesion, mental and physical health, and economic opportunity, and a careful elaboration of the mechanisms to be put in place to minimise or ameliorate the negative impacts that may be identified. No changes to the current legal situation should be finalised until such empirical work has been completed, published and tested. In this regard we support the submission of the Australian Multicultural Council, which calls for a full review of and public inquiry into the legislation, prior to the drafting of specific legislative changes.

Please click here for the report: http://culturaldiversity.net.au/humanrights/977-government-should-provide-evidence-to-support-changes-toi-rda-says-cracr-research-group



Submission into Community Affairs Committee Inquiry by Bronwen Dalton, Marie dela Rama and Melissa Edwards

dela Rama, M.J., Edwards, M. & Dalton, B.M. 2008, 'Submission No. 14 to the Australian Senate Community Affairs Committee on the Inquiry into the the Aged Care Amendment (2008) Measures No. 2 Bill', Australian Parliament House, Canberra, Australia, pp. 1-12.
View/Download from: UTSePress
This submission was later cited by Ian Verrender, a Sydney Morning Herald journalist in his business column "Profit Not Improvement", 29th November 2008 http://business.smh.com.au/business/profit-not-improvement-the-motive-for-many-in-care-sector-20081128-6mz2.html