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Public Forum: 'Social Agency in a Globalizing World'

23 September 2015

The life and struggle of garment workersOn 22 July 2015, CCS and the Institute for Cultural Research (at UWS) brought together a remarkable group of activists and scholars, from a variety of perspectives, to generate a deepened understanding  of present-day dynamics of global political contestation. The day was organised into four panels: on social alternatives, with Paul James and Kathy Gibson; ecological alternatives, with Ariel Salleh and James Goodman; contested governance, with Manfred StegerKanchi Kohli and Manju Menon; and on the political imagination, with Francesca Da RiminiVirginia Barratt and Ghassan Hage. The day closed with a public lecture, 'The Human Condition in the Anthropocene', from Dipesh Chakrabarty. The day was supported by CCS, the ICR and the UTS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. About 80 people attended through the day, participating in a range of lively discussions. CCS is exploring the publication of papers in Globalizations Journal. 
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