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News in Cosmopolitan Civil Societies

December 2015

A one-day workshop, hosted by Cosmopolitan Civil Societies, Centre for Local Government and Sydney Alliance, examined the right of the community to make the decisions that define our city.

November 2015

16 November: Dr Bronwen Dalton, with Prof Thomas Clarke and Prof Ingyu Oh present workshop in Seoul, Korea

October 2015

See what CCS members are talking and writing about in the media.
Rafael Rodríguez Prieto is a political and legal theorist and professor (Profesor Titular) at Pablo de Olavide University of Seville and Distinguished Visiting Professor, University Technology Sydney.
Congratulations to CCS Members Heidi Norman and Lucy Fiske!
Four experts, including one former refugee, compared refugee politics across Germany, Spain and Australia
Held at UTS Library from 13-31 July 2015
Held in association with 'Rana Plaza: Murder Not Tragedy' photo exhibition
ARC Linkage grant awarded to Heather Goodall and Heidi Norman

September 2015

Generating a deepened understanding of present-day dynamics of global political contestation
Presenting ideas from 'Disorder and the Disinformation Society'
'From Caliphate to Caliphate' Conference was held on 29 April 2015

December 2014

New ways to understand ‘environmental justice’ in the Global North and the Global South

November 2014

This conference was aimed at broadening the approach to remembering war and violence
What can Social Entrepreneurs and Academics learn from each other? Watch the answers online.

October 2014

On Wednesday, 27th August, CCS farewelled Professor Jenny Onyx, a long standing member of the centre who played a key role during the founding period of CCS.
With North Korea rarely receiving coverage beyond media sensationalism, this seminar and exhibition event provided a revealing and rarely seen glimpse into North Korea, its culture and the everyday lives of its citizens.
Two CCS members successful in the Vice Chancellor's Awards for Research Excellence.
CCS as a whole and CCS members received various awards and commendations in the Vice Chancellor's Human Rights Awards.

September 2014

CCS Director Nina Burridge chaired a forum at Miller Highschool where students with refugee background shared their stories with students from James Ruse Highschool and Barker College.

July 2014

A collaborative research project between UTS and Daegu University in Seoul, South Korea, results in a successful seminar examining issues of body image, sport and acculturation in Korea and Australian Koreans

May 2014

CCS' Kyungja Jung and Bronwen Dalton successful in paving the path to offer North Korean refugees scholarships at UTS.
CCS researchers are making a change in their field by producing submissions to the Australian Government.
NSW Arts and Disability Partnership: A CCS research team identifies and analyses the outcomes and impact of funded projects on individuals, organisations and the wider community.
The latest issue of the Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Journal (Vol 6 No1) is now available

April 2014

Professor Sanjay Seth from Goldsmiths College in London visits CCS and the Indian Ocean and South Asia Research Network under the UTS Distinguished Visiting Scholar Scheme. A range of events have been scheduled around is visit.
A Forum for all Australians. An anthology of stories, memoirs and poetry from some of Australia's leading writers on what has become one of the moral challenges of our time - seeking asylum in Australia.
This book, by Kevin Cook and Heather Goodall, is an important book for many different reasons.
16 April, 4.30 - 6 pm: Social Media Practice and Impact Workshop by CCS member Jenna Price
This paper presents an investigation of the embodied air travel experiences of people with disability.