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UTS C3 Climate Change Cluster

Seafood Safety: Marine Algal Biotoxins


Associate Professor Shauna Murray - Team leader
Dr Penny Ajani - Chancellor's Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Malwenn Lassudrie Duchesne - Visiting Fellow
Anna Liza Kretzschmar- UTS PhD student
Rendy Ruvindy- UTS PhD student
Arjun Verna - UTS PhD student

Honorary/Past Associates

Dr Hazel Farrell
Dr Gurjeet Kohli
Dr Anuizka Kazandjian
Dr Frances Van Dolah

Past Research/visiting students

Jin Ho Kim, Department of Life Science, College of Natural Sciences, Hanyang University, South Korea.
Rutuja Diwan- Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany
Kristina Haslauer- Coburg University, Germany


Key strengths and capabilities

- Detection of marine toxic eukaryotes using novel molecular methods
- Evolution and phylogenetics of marine microbial eukaryotes
- Ecology of toxin uptake in marine animals
- Genetic basis of toxin biosynthesis in marine eukaryotes

Partners and Collaborators

Dr Mona Hoppenrath - Senckenberg Institute, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Associate Professor Uwe John - Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany
Professor Frank Seebacher – University of Sydney, Australia
Dr Russell Orr, Dr Anke Stuken - University of Oslo, Norway,
Anthony Zammit and Dr Hazel Farrell - NSW Food Authority
Ana Rubio and Peter Coad - Hornsby Council
Jaimie Potts, Peter Scanes and Martin Krogh - Office of Environment and Heritage
Lesley Clementson and Anthony Richardson - CSIRO
Linda Armbrecht, Leanne Armand and Drew Allen - Macquarie University
Professor Gustaaf Hallegraeff and Dr. Juan Jose Dorantes Aranda - Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, Tasmania
Dr Chris Bolch - University of Tasmania, Australia
Dr Hong Chang Lim - Tunku Abdul Rahman University, Malaysia;
Jin Ho Kim and Prof. Myung-Soo HanHanyang University, South Korea
Prof David Patterson - MBL, Woods Hole
Dr Lesley Rhodes, Dr. Kirsty Smith, Dr Tim Harwood - Cawthron Institute, New Zealand.
Mr Mark van Asten - Diagnostic Technology, Australia
Dr Wayne O’Connor - NSW Department of Primary Industries, Port Stephens Australia
Dr Gurjeet S. Kohli- Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering
Dr Raffaele Siano- IFREMER
Associate Professor Aaron Darling - UTS i3

Student research opportunities

Contact Shauna.Murray@uts.edu.au and Penelope.Ajani@uts.edu.au if you are interested in these projects

  • GE Algal Bio-factory projects - Undergraduate research, Honours and PhD projects available
  • The diversity of marine microbial eukaryotes in Sydney Harbour: a pyrosequencing approach (Honours)
  • Novel technologies for determining the dynamics of keystone metabolites in marine ecosystems (Honours)

PhD Projects PDF iconC3 2017 PhD Project Seafood Safety.pdf


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