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UTS C3 Climate Change Cluster

Volunteering and internships

C3 welcomes undergraduates with drive and passion who want to make a difference in research linked to climate change. C3 is a team of plant physiologists, ecologists, modellers and remote sensors tackling the issue of improving the accuracy of models by understanding the biology.


We are always looking for passionate and enthusiastic students who would be interested in volunteering to help with our research.

If you have ½ a day a week and you’d like to work with C3 team members, we’d be interested to talk to you

Please see which research program suites you most and approach the team leader

Research programTeam leader
Algal Biosystems and BiotechnologyProfessor Peter Ralph
Ecosytem Dynamics, Health & ResilienceProfessor Alfredo Huete
Future Reefs

Associate Professor David Suggett

Ocean Microbes: Healthy OceansAssociate Professor Justin Seymour
Productive CoastsAssociate Professor Martina Doblin
Seagrass HealthProfessor Peter Ralph
Seafood Safety: Marine Algal BiotoxinsAssociate Professor Shauna Murray


Alternatively, if you are a 3rd year student and would like to develop your skills by working with climate change researchers, why don’t you consider doing an undergraduate internship with one of us? 

If you have any free electives, you can receive academic credit for your internship by enrolling in UTS Science Internship subjects. Students who do not have any electives can complete their internship as a Faculty-Approved Voluntary Internship.  

Interns work on a range of projects that will give them a head start for Honours research and their future careers. Contact any team leader now to discuss potential projects.