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UTS C3 Climate Change Cluster

Student research opportunities

Scholarships for research degree students

As a key strategic research strength C3 offers generous competitive research scholarships, through UTS:Science,  in order to attract the best students to work with a team of world class researchers

Domestic - APA scholarship applications close on 31 October each year
International - IPRS scholarship applications close on 20 August each year

Some of the questions you can help answer include:

  • What will be the synergistic effects of invasive species and climate change?
  • How will climate change impact on landscape water balance and forest function?
  • How will ocean acidification impact on calcifying marine animals and corals?
  • How will climate change impact production, water usage and crop yield in the Australian wheat belt?

Current C3 PhD projects


 Full C3 PhD project list: PDF iconC3 2017 PhD Project List.pdf

Current C3 honours projects

Undergraduate research projects

Short, supervised research projects available as 6cp subject. Contact Peter Ralph and consult UTS Handbook 60701 Research Internship or 60700 Scientific Practice

Applying for a research degree (PhD, Masters)

Students who wish to study in C3 should first

  1. Contact a member of staff with whom they wish to perform their postgraduate research to discuss a project and then
  2. Consult UTS Graduate Research School

Further information

On applying to study at UTS as a postgraduate research student:

UTS Graduate Research School
Steps to applying as an international student at UTS

Undergraduate degrees

 UTS offers a comprehensive degree program in Environmental Biology and Marine Biology, details of which can be found at UTS Future Students or in the UTS Handbook