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UTS C3 Climate Change Cluster

Research students

The talented researchers in the Climate Change Cluster all have remarkable stories to tell. Whilst their backgrounds vary the common threads of passion, determination and enquiry run through their research. We hope these profiles will inspire and excite others to follow their lead.

PhD candidates

Marco Alvarez - Influence of phytoplankton cell size on biogeochemical cycling of carbon and nitrogen.

Lorenzo Barolo - Glyco-engineering of therapeutic proteins from microalgae

Abanti Barua - Novel genetic early warning systems for harmful algae in the NSW oyster industry.

Jaime Bibiloni Isaksson - Changes in microbial community structure and photoheterotrophic activity across different Australian oceanic environments

Iurii Bodachivskyi - Acid-catalyzed Conversion of Algal Biomass into Value Added Small Molecules

Eva Fernandez - Sulpher-mediated Marine Microbial Interactions: How Phytoplankton Physiology Shapes Microbial Landscapes

Richard Carney - High inflow river plumes and their impact on estuarine and coastal microbial community composition

Katie Chartrand - Environmental tolerances and drivers of deepwater seagrass photophysiology

Jennifer Clark - Understanding climate impacts on habitat-forming macroalgae: physiological consequences of genetics and climate stressors on  multiple spatial scales

Peter Davey - An integrated view of seagrass response to changing light environments.

Nerissa Fisher - Strategies of Resource Allocation by Phytoplankton under Dynamic Ocean Environments

Risa Fujise - Distribution abundance and life cycle of free-living Symbiodinium

Sicong Gao - The Regional Forest Growth and Phenology Model based on the Optical Radiation

Stephanie Gardner -The ecological role of dimethylsulphoniopropionate (DMSP) in coral reef ecosystems, from cells to communities

Jestin George - The green horizon for biotech: a genome editing approach

Marco Giardina - Micro-scale measurements of marine microbial interactions with global-scale consequences

Leandro Giovannini - Monitoring Land Degradation and Ecosystem Resilience Across Australian Rangelands

Samantha Goyen - How have corals pushed their limits to thrive in Sydney's backyard?

David Hughes - Using  next-generation multi-spectral FRRf to improve current estimates of marine primary productivity (MPP) within Australian waters

Kenji Iwasaki - Algal Bioproducts – Investigating the Effect of Light Quality on Metabolite Production by Photosynthetic Diatoms

Ana Cristina Jaramillo Madrid - Improvement of microalgae biomass production through systemsbiology

Anna Liza Kretzschmar - Molecular genetics of Gambierdiscus, producer of ciguatera fish poisoning

Mikael Kim - Molecular and cellular investigation of photosynthesis-driven carbon fixation in seagrass

Leonardo Lailo - Incorporating new knowledge of phytoplankton diversity and nutrient utilisation into an ocean-climate model to improve forecasts of ocean function

Michaela Larsson - Understanding the ecological niche of toxin producing dinoflagellates

Caitlin Lawson - Is Isoprene the Key to Thermal Resilience Amongst Reef Building Corals?

Pei-Chuan (Tina) Liu - The correlation between photosynthesis and hybrid vigour

Valentina Hurtado McCormick - The microbiology of seagrasses in a changing ocean: Does environmental stress encourage seagrass pathogens?

Bojana Manojlovic - A dynamic carbon model for Australian seagrasses

Nasim Shah Mohammadi - Molecular and physiological investigations of heavy metals stress in the seagrass Posidonia australis.

Ekena Rangel Pinage - Tropical Forest Structure, Degradation, and Resilience Using LiDAR and Optical Sensors

Margaret Ramarajan -  Development of an advanced molecular toolkit for genetic engineering of Nannochloropsis sp. for functional genetics and high value bio-products.

Mickael Ros - Adaptive strategies of carbon transformation amongst coral symbionts (Symbiodinium spp.)

Rendy Ruvindy - Ecological implications of Genomic Copy Number variability in marine biotoxin producing dinoflagellates

Cristin Sheehan - Frozen glasshouses: evolutionary adaptation of Antarctic diatoms and their future under a warmer world

Paras Sidiqui - Quantifying the direction and magnitude of global and local climate change on urban ecosystem

Nguyen Ngoc Tran - Impacts of Extreme Climate Conditions on Ecosystem Seasonal Dynamics and Productivity Patterns

Arjun Verma - Diversity and genetics of benthic dinoflagellate Ostreopsis in Australasian waters

Oksana Vronska - Developing a harvesting process for algal biomass production

Navpreet Kaur Walia - Optimisation of strain and culture conditions of the microalga, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, for recombinant protein production from nuclear transgenes. 

Chris Watson - Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Techniques to Determine Physiological, Phenological and Compositional Changes in Eastern Australian Grasslands

Peter Wood - Improved continuous culturing for algal biofuels: linking chemostat and turbidostat operation and identifying opportunities for scalability

Zunyi Xie - Remote Sensing of Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems

PhD Alumni

Pemika Apichanangkool - Assessment of blue carbon reserves in Thailand

Kirralee Baker - The biogeochemical role of diatoms in Australia’s coastal ocean.

Kasper Elgetti Brodersen - Analysing the below-ground microenvironment of seagrasses

Lucy Buxton - Internal impact of carbon dioxide limitation on coral bleaching

Ponlachart Chotikarn - A comparison of computer model and eddy correlation system

Nikolaus Csaszar - Estimating the potential for adaptation of corals to climate change.

Malin Gustafsson - Modelling macromolecular synthesis and flux in scleractinian coral

Ying Hong - The role of zooplankton in cyanobacteria bloom development in Australian reservoirs

Johanna Howes - Biochemical Energy Balance of the Coral Symbiosis

Isabel Jimenez - Thermal properties of corals and implications for coral bleaching.

Jeff Kelleway - Carbon Dynamics of Saltmarsh Wetlands

Tara Konarzewski - Clinal variation in life-history traits of the invasive plant species Echium plantagineum L.

Alicia Lloyd - Assessing the Risk of Ocean Acidification for Scleractinian Corals on the Great Barrier Reef

Hannah Lloyd  (MSc)- Intertidal Biodiversity of South-east Australian Rocky Shores: How do habitat-forming species control biodiversity?

Louisa Norman - Role of saccharides in transformation of iron chemistry in seawater

Leigh Martin - Impacts of invasive exotic plants on reptile and amphibian assemblages

Lauren Frances Messer - The role of microbes in nitrogen cycling processes in the Australian marine environment

Megan Phillips - Plant life history and the naturalisation to invasion transition: the exotic flora of Australia

Dale Radford - Enhancing Biofuel Production in Microalgae

Charlotte Robinson - Optical partitioning of phytoplankton niches and implications for carbon cycling (CSIRO top-up scholarship recipient)

Olivia Sackett -  Impact of climate change on Antarctic sea ice algae photosynthesis

Verena Schrameyer -Defining the bio-energetic limits of Symbiodinium sp.'s host-symbiont relationship under future climate scenarios.

Rachel Smith -  Examining the best stormwater treatment techniques and monitoring the toxicity of stormwater using bioassays.

Alex Thomson - The role of bioturbators in blue carbon cycles.

Stacey Trevathan-Tackett - Effects of habitat degradation on the long-term storage of carbon in seagrass meadow sediments

Jessica Tout - The role of microbial behaviour in structuring coral-microbe interactions

Daniel Taylor - Mechanisms linking site water status and NPP of Australian woody ecosystems

Katherina Petrou - Nutrient limitation and photokinetics of southern ocean phytoplankton

Sutinee Sinutok - Impact of ocean acidification on sediment-dwelling marine calcifiers

Daniel Wangpraseurt - Microenvironmental Control of Coral Photobiology and Stress

Rhys Whitley - A soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer model for Australian woodlands and forests

Kim Wilson - Impact of oil and dispersants on seagrasses

Sepideh Zolfaghar - Examination of groundwater dependent ecosystem’s ecophysilogical traits and their responses to climate change

Masters students

Clare Russell - Quantifying phytoplankton mediated ecosystem functions in estuaries

Honours students

Jack Adrianns - Cultivation optimisation and recombinant protein expression profiles in GE microalgae

Harvey Bates - Photosynthetic energetics in seagrasses; what do electron and proton circuits tell us about the fine tuning of photosynthesis under stress?

Annalisa Humphries - Bioactivity screening of micro and macro algae

Seoyeon Jung - monitoring impact of microbial community composition and functional analysis during growth cycle stages of Nannochloropsis oculata

James O'Brien - Sulphur-mediated microbial interactions under mesoscale oceanographic perturbations

An Tran - Biofloculation of the green alga Nannochloropsis oculata by using a member of its own bacterial consortium


Honours alumni

Jake Amaro - Tropical rainforest phenology and functioning assessed through combined satellite and field data

Chris Arendshorst  - Coral signalling: protein-specific interactions with bacterial

Richard Carney - Bacterioplankton community responses to inflow events in the Hunter river estuary

Kirralee Baker - Microalgal performance under short-term environmental change vs. long-term environmental selection

Ken Loong Chew - Parameter optimization for land surface models in simulation of plant-atmosphere exchange of water and CO2

Jennifer Clark - Adaptation potential of seaweeds to elevated temperature

Isobel Cummings - Future reefs; how will ocean acidification and warming affect symbiont bearing foraminifera

Justine Djajadikarta - Phytoplankton and nutrient dynamics in New South Wales coastal waters

Justine Gilbert - How does the microbial consortium associated with corals contribute to coral health?

Samantha Goyen - Understanding the molecular background to ROS damage of the coral

John Hanna - Algal biotechnology: optimising Chlorella vulgaris biomass production in photo-bioreactors

Lyndle Hardstaff - Relationships between the flammability of plant leaves and their physicochemical attributes:comparing native and exotic species

Simon Hardy - Effects of warming on seagrass carbon stocks

Regan Hayward - Developing an open source comparitive transcriptomics portal for Zostera muelleri

Anna Hespe-Poulos - Understanding photoprotection in diatoms

Mitchell Hollier - Effects of CO2 enrichment on Southern Ocean phytoplankton.

Kenji Iwasaki - Effects of CO2 enriched aeration on Nannochloropsis oculata and Chaetoceros muelleri growth in ePBR

Adam Kemp -Physiological and meteorological control of water and carbon relations amongst Australian ecosystems

Mikael Kim - Do seagrass have an intermediate photosystem between a C3 and a C4 plant?

Samuel I'Ons - Determining the factors that drive invasion success for marine invertebrates

Michaela Larsson - Phytoplankton and Nutrient Dynamics in the Lower Hawkesbury-Nepean

Caitlin Lawson - Evaluating the functional role of biogenic volatile compounds in coral symbiotic algae

Hannah Lloyd - Marine molluscs: biogeography

Miles McInerney - Ultrastructure and communication of the multi-partner coral symbiosis

Maxwell McKinley - Developing a phylogenetic-independent index of stress susceptibility for Symbiodinium: a potential new indicator of coral health

Kien Nguyen - "Differential impacts of native and exotic invasive plants on invertebrate assemblages."

Brendan O'Keefe - Stability of Holocene "blue" carbon in seagrass meadows in Jervis Bay, NSW

Kieran Parker - Productivity of biofuel-generating algae in a new solar bioreactor configured to distribute light and avoid photoinhibition

Jacob Pooley - Photoprotective capabilities of different genetic clades of the coral endosymbiont algae, Symbiodinium sp

Liana Pozza - Using satellites to understand phytoplankton dynamics in Australia's coastal ocean

Charlotte Robinson - Correcting oceanographic estimations of chlorophyll distribution

Jessica Roy - Do burrowing infauna increase carbon turnover in seagrass sediments?

Lily Serna - Modelling pesticides in an estuary feeding into the Great Barrier Reef

Gabe Shaw - " Phytoplankton species composition and productivity in the Tasman Sea

Cristin Sheehan - Sunlight through glasshouses: understanding diatom physiology and production under a changing climate

Michael Simpson - Impacts of an invasive crab in Tasmania

 Jessica Tout - "Coral bacteria associations; the role of chemotaxis."

Lachlan Webster - How chemistry links plants and bacteria: the role of exudates in seagrass ecology

Matthew West - Establishment and environmental impacts of the invasive alga Caulerpa taxifolia

Peter Wood - Batch versus continuous culture: improving algal biofuel productivity