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C3 Climate Change Cluster

Current research projects

GE Algal Biofactory

UTS:C3 has established a significant student program to rapidly develop the various skills necessary to bring algal-based pharmaceuticals to reality. GE are actively involved in the student projects providing commentary on projects as they develop and providing commercial advice on approaches to be adopted in this highly sought after applied research program.

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Deep Green Biotech Hub

UTS has received significant support from the NSW Government to rapidly advance the deployment of algal based opportunities in NSW. This program will provide students and entrepreneurs access to specialised tools and expertise that are not otherwise easily accessible. In addition, those ideas with potential to become a new business, seed funding is also available.

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Advanced Algal Innovation Network

The Advanced Algal Innovation Network is a leading international network of industry and researchers with an interest in advanced applications of algae – such as pharmaceutical production. This network is being developed and will launch soon. Send expressions of interest to advanced.algal@uts.edu.au