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The green stuff

26 April 2017

From left, economist Chris Bajada, scientist Peter Ralph and accountant Anna Wright looking at the potential of algae.

Algae can be used for everything from animal feed to cosmetics, displacing less environmentally friendly products. A team of researchers across science, business and economics are working on the way forward for this emerging industry

The path to a low-carbon future doesn’t have to be at the cost of economic growth if researchers and industry are able to find ways to scale up biotechnologies such as algae-based production.

At the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) a multi-disciplinary team across science and business has come together to work on some of the challenges involved in growing the bio-economy in Australia, in collaboration with government and industry.

Scientists from the Climate Change Cluster (C3) are investigating questions such as how to optimise algae growth and harvesting – for products ranging from animal feed to pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile, accountants and economists at UTS Business School are developing new business and economic models to better inform decisions by government and the private sector.

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