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There are C3 partnership options to suit industries large and small. 

Grant funded research

Many organisations partner with universities to develop specific new opportunities or explore bluesky opportunities and one of the most cost effective mechanisms is to jointly apply for a research grant. Such research grants may be obtained from governments, industry associations, international agencies or from philanthropic sources. However, these types of research support are competitive and not guaranteed to be funded. Often the timeframes between conceiving an idea, writing the grant, receiving a grant and commencing the project can be quite long (e.g. 12-18 months), however only 50-70% of the project costs (if successful) will come from the grant itself. Grant funded research is typically conducted over a 3-5 year timeframe.

Industry funded research

Industry funded research is directly funded by an industry partner. It is generally applied research that directly addresses a need of the industry partner. In contrast to Grant funded research, the time to conceive and commence a project may be less than one month and the funding non-competitive, and often not publicly announced. Industry funded research is generally conducted over a shorter period of time, typically 6-24 months. 

Student projects

Student projects are often the easiest mechanism to engage with a University to conduct research projects and encompass Honours, Masters and Doctoral students. The expense of running a student project is generally much less than for either an Industry funded research project or a Grant funded project, however, in-kind supervisory time is somewhat greater and the research outcomes are less certain.

InformationNote: for all of the above engagement mechanisms an organisation may be eligible for a R&D Tax Incentive (opens an external site), which may result in up to 45% of the eligible research expenditure being recovered from the Australian Taxation Office.

Hub or network members

In all research projects there is a need for critical review and advice, information and guidance and often the best place to obtain such information is from the industry sector. Organisations that have an interest in supporting research and research translation are welcome to join a range of advisory roles that arise from time to time. These are non-executive roles and unremunerated. The benefits of participation in such roles includes access to leading researchers and research, networking with like-minded organisations and invitations to special events. Such events have included Vivid Ideas, new building openings (opens an external site) and other invitation only special events.

Advisory boards

These are generally groups of specialists that are required to provide guidance and advice for very specific activities. These may include an advisory board on how to market and promote the activities of UTS:C3 or assistance on the best way to engage with the industry globally. Organisations that have an interest in participating are welcome to join a range of advisory roles that arise from time to time and vary in duration from one-off workshops to ongoing advisory roles. These will be advertised on the C3 website, are non-executive roles, and most often unremunerated.

Contact us

If any of the above options interest you or your company, contact Dr Pavlina Naydenova for C3 industry engagement enquiries.