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The Climate Change Cluster (C3) is actively forming strategic commercial and research relationships with industry to ensure that its activities have a real world impact.

These industry engagements take many forms, from simple advisory roles to active research and product development activities. Our aim in engaging with industry is to help shape our research, to solve real world problems, to provide students with industry exposure and to become internationally recognised leaders in our various research domains.

C3 conducts a range of research programs across a spectrum of environmental, marine, sensing and biotechnology applications.

Algal Biosystems and BiotechnologyAlgal Biosystems and Biotechnology
The Algal Biosystems Research Group improves microalgal biomass productivity and develops algal bioproduct opportunities using a multidisciplinary approach.

Ecosystem Dynamics, Health and ResilienceEcosystem Dynamics, Health and Resilience
The Ecosystem Dynamics, Health and Resilience Research Group wants to answer questions concerning the long-term resilience of ecosystems and primary industries.

Future ReefsFuture Reefs
The Future Reefs Research Group studies reef-forming corals, which sustain the productivity and biodiversity of coral reef ecosystems.

Ostreopsis ovata epifluoroscence microscopyOcean Microbes and Healthy Oceans
The Ocean Microbes and Healthy Oceans Research Groups aims to understand the ecological function of microbes in marine environments.

Productive Coasts

Productive Coasts
The Productive Coasts Research Group investigates the productivity of Australian marine ecosystems, supporting a more economic, vibrant, Australian marine industry.

Seagrass HealthSeagrass Health
The Seagrass Health team uses an integrated systems approach to understand seagrass physiology and protect valuable seagrass ecosystems.

Martina diatomSeafood Safety: Marine Algal Biotoxins
The Seafood Safety team works with government and industry partners to protect human health and support sustainable seafood industries.


Partner with us

UTS:C3 is actively building new relationships with industry. We are committed to creating strong and mutually beneficial linkages between industry and UTS:C3. With broad biotechnology, engineering and informatics expertise, we can work with you to solve specific problems, or develop programs that meet a broader corporate social responsibility objective.

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Industry Engagement Enquiries
Pavlina Naydenova
+61 2 9514 8332

Our industry partners

UTS:Science offers hands-on courses in various science and maths disciplines, that enable students to develop their practical skills

We are very experienced and responsive to any enquiries, and actively support and value our industry partnerships.

Current research projects

C3 undertakes coral reef ecosystem research on Heron Island

We conduct a range of research programs across a spectrum of environmental, marine, sensing and biotechnology applications.