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C3 Seminar - Landscape genomics: linking genes and the environment

This talk will begin with an overview of landscape genomics, which attempts to understand how genetic variation is distributed across the landscape, and is shaped by environmental forces. Examples will be drawn from recent work on lizards of northern Australia, and vascular plants of New South Wales. In particular, I will highlight how large, genome-scale, datasets are providing glimpses into the dynamic recent history of Australia. I will then talk about a major project in comparative landscape genomics being undertaken at the Botanic Gardens. We are performing landscape genomic research on many species plant species, with the goals of informing revegetation efforts, and finding out how often different species display similar patterns of differentation and demography across the landscapes they share. 

Light refreshments provided after talk - All are welcome!

About the speaker 
Dr Jason Bragg
The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney
Jason's interests are at the interface of ecology and genetics. Currently he works in the Herbarium of NSW, at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Previously, he has worked on marine microbes, plants, and a variety of different vertebrates. 


23 March 2017
11:00 am - 12:00 pm


City - BroadwayCB04 Building 4, Science

Light refreshments provided after talk - All are welcome! Building 4, Level 5, Room 430


All welcome