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Climate Change Cluster Colloqium 2016

2016 C3 Colloquium: Algae-bacteria interactions

Wednesday 7 - Friday 9 December 2016

University of Techology Sydney
Dr Chau Chak Wing Building
14 Ultimo Road, Ultimo, NSW 2007, Australia.

Full fee: $150
Students: $50

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The 2016 C3 Research Colloquium aims to bring together an exciting mix of researchers with interests and expertise in algae-bacteria interactions. The intimate ecological relationships between algae and bacteria shape the foundation of aquatic foodwebs and are indicative of a shared evolutionary history. Algae-bacteria interactions regulate the productivity, biogeochemistry and health of all natural aquatic ecosystems, while algal-associated bacteria can influence the quality and quantity of yields from bio-industrial settings.

Novel imaging, genomic and biochemical approaches are allowing us to start to decode the complex ecological interactions between algae and bacteria, but there are still many conceptual and technical challenges. The goal of this colloquium is to discuss new developments and fruitful paths of investigation to tease apart the ecological ties between these fundamentally important aquatic organisms.


  • Mutualistic associations
  • Competition for resources
  • Antagonistic relationships
  • Chemical interactions
  • Behavioural interactions
  • Role of bacteria in macroalgal health and disease
  • Bacteria as food for algae
  • Interactions between bacteria and toxic phytoplankton and the role of bacteria in harmful algal blooms
  • The influence of bacteria on the productivity of algal bio-industries.

Abstract submission

Interested in presenting at the 2016 C3 Colloquium? Email us for more information and abstract submission. Please send information as "I am interested in presenting". Abstract submissions close 8 October 2016.