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UTS C3 Climate Change Cluster


Researchers with C3 have access to an array of well-equipped facilities, from a high-end PC2 molecular biology lab to outdoor algal growth tanks, field-ready equipment and a fully equipped transportable field micro lab in a shipping container.
Access to the full resources of the Faculty of Science can also be arranged where needed, including the DeltaVision OMX 3D-Sim Super-Resolution microscopes and Microstructural Analysis Unit.

Major items of equipment within the lab include:

  • Fluorometers
    • Water-PAM (x2)
    • Diving-PAM
    • Imaging-PAM
    • Phyto-PAM
    • Toxi-PAM
    • Mini-PAM
    • Teaching-PAM
    • PSI - double fluorometer
  • Spectral radiometer
    • OceanOptics
  • Coral culture facilities
    • 500 L holding tank (2x)
    • Temperature-controlled coral tanks (4x)
  • Algal culture facilities
    • 20°C Incubators (4x)
    • 4°C incubator (polar species)
  • Oxygen sensors
    • Presens optrodes
    • Oxygen microelectrodes and computer controlled micromanipulator
    • Oxygen electrodes (Hansatech)
  • FlowCam