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UTS C3 Climate Change Cluster

Urban heat island research

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16 March 2017 Video length icon 2:06
Video tags icon Urban heat island effect, remote sensing, smart sensors, urban planning, green cities, Alfredo Huete, UTS, Climate Change Cluster, UTS Data Arena, heat islands, climate change

Distinguished Professor Alfredo Huete leads the Ecosystem Dynamics Health and Resilience research program in UTS C3. Together with satellite remote sensing he and his team use in situ monitoring and sensing devices to process information about heat emissions from urban landscapes. The research aims to give industry, regulators and planners real time information to better control emissions and plan for cooler, greener, healthier cities.

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Fish and coral

Coral compounds research

Associate Professor David Suggett and his team are developing unique facilities and techniques to work with coral related industries so that wild harvesting of corals can be reduced and coral reef ecosystems protected and conserved. The team is also investigating potential for bioactive compounds.

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Coral Ecophysiology processes group

UTS C3 coral specialist David Suggett discusses his use of bio-optical sensors to  measure the health and productivity of organisms that photosynthesise such as coral.