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C3 Member Update
Associate Professor Martina Doblin

ARC College of Experts Appointment

College of Experts honour for Martina Doblin
Coral Research Update
Dr Mathieu Pernice preparing experiments on Heron island (GBR) in order to study the nutritional and energy exchanges between corals and their dinoflagellate symbionts.  

Coral symbiosis revealed at nanoscale

Mathieu Pernice uses innovative technology to visualise nutrient and energy transfer in reef building corals, exploring how they balance growth versus resilience to thermal stress
C3's Martina Doblin has been apointed to the ARC College of Experts
Dr Mathieu Pernice is using new technology to visualise coral symbiosis.
SIMS report provides a systematic review of the science of Sydney Harbour
Apply now to join dynamic, young research team with outstanding research track record in phytoplankton physiology. Applications close 15th September 2014