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Research Update
Pollen levels in urban areas are of public health significance

Remotely sensing pollen

Tracking pollen levels in urban areas, using remote sensing technology, has the potential to improve health outcomes for asthma and hayfever sufferers.
PhD Scholarship
C3 addresses impacts of global change on seagrass habitats

Seagrass, stress and adaptation

Do you have a plant molecular biology background? Applications for PhD scholarship, seagrass stress and ecological adaptation, close 17th April.
C3 PhD candidate Chris Watson's native grassland research helps launch Bush Heritage Australia 10 year science plan
Looking for a 2016 PhD research opportunity to showcase your microbial ecology, analytical chemistry and diving skills? Expressions of interest are being sought ahead of a formal application later this year.
PhD scholarship in plant molecular biology available. The project focuses on light and carbon dioxide mediated stress on seagrass.
2014 has been announced as the hottest year on record. And did you know the ocean is the best place to measure temperature changes. But what happens to the marine ecosystem when the heat rises?