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ARC grant successes

The strength of C3's leading team of researchers have been recognised with the awarding of two Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards and one Discovery Project.
Coastal Oceanography
Southern Surveyor Credit: CSIRO Publishing

Remembering the Southern Surveyor

UTS scientists have a strong connection with the former MNF Southern Surveyor; a new the book about the vessel includes a chapter on UTS biological oceanographer Martina Doblin
New research demonstrates the vulnerability of semi-arid ecosystems to climatic extremes and potential loss of resilience with future mega drought events.
Shark conservation can help protect "blue carbon" stocks in coastal habitats, indirectly moderating climate change impacts
UTS led research is using a powerful technique to better understand the diversity of symbiotic algae, found within coral tissue, and their importance in determining how coral hosts respond to environmental stress.
Research into the corals of Sydney Harbour could hold the key to understanding how corals might survive in a warmer world.