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GE Algal Bio-Factory Research Projects

A range of Undergraduate Research, Honours, Masters and PhD projects available as part of GE Healthcare industry collaboration. These projects provide opportunity to work with world class researchers in the field of bio-products using renewable resources.
PhD Projects
UTS C3 uses world class research technology

Thinking about a PhD in 2016?

C3 has a range of projects for high calibre students who want to work with world experts and next generation environmental technology
Shark conservation can help protect "blue carbon" stocks in coastal habitats, indirectly moderating climate change impacts
UTS led research is using a powerful technique to better understand the diversity of symbiotic algae, found within coral tissue, and their importance in determining how coral hosts respond to environmental stress.
Research into the corals of Sydney Harbour could hold the key to understanding how corals might survive in a warmer world.
The launch of the UTS Data Arena means C3 scientists can visualise the complex biological networks in seagrass under stress