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Research Awards
Justin Seymour leads C3 Ocean Microbiology Team

UTS Research Awards update

Associate Professor Justin Seymour, leads the C3 Ocean Microbiology Team and was a finalist in the 2014 Chancellor's Medal for Exceptional Research
PhD Scholarship
UTS C3 uses advanced photobioreactor technology in algal biosystems research

Algal biosystems research opportunity

Do you have a background in plant physiology, algal cell biology or biochemistry? This PhD scholarship is open to both domestic and international students for commencement January 2015. Applications close 21st November.
The chemicals behind the characteristic smell of the sea could be a key indicator of change in tropical marine ecosystems according to a new study
C3 researchers designed a new flow chamber, allowing them to use fragile microsensors to reveal that seagrasses modify the chemical conditions in sediments to protect themselves from toxins.
C3's Martina Doblin has been apointed to the ARC College of Experts
Dr Mathieu Pernice is using new technology to visualise coral symbiosis.