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C3 Professor Derek Eamus

Derek Eamus NCGRT National Lecture Tour

Groundwater-dependent ecosystems (GDEs)are a valuable resource but face myriad threats including global change type droughts and associated forest mortality. As part of the NCGRT 2014 Distinguished Lecturer Series Derek summarises the latest developments in GDE research.
Research position

Environmental Bioinformatics position

Do you have a background in environmental bioinformatics, biostatistics or molecular phylogenetics? Applications close 8th May, reference IRC29359.
A whole-of-process approach to Industry-led research in healthcare and life sciences will flow from a new agreement between UTS and medical technology leader GE Healthcare.
Contary to previous hypotheses new research reveals that coral tissue plays a major role in how light is trapped and distributed over a coral colony, showing that coral actively modulates its tissue to improve photosynthesis.
New research from the C3 Algal Biofuels Research Group provides insight into commercial biofuel production.
New research examines impacts of warming ocean on crucial Antarctic organisms that drive the Southern Ocean ecosystem.