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Student Research Projects
Algal raceway pond UTS

GE Algal Bio-Factory Research Projects

A range of Undergraduate Research, Honours, Masters and PhD projects available as part of GE Healthcare industry collaboration. These projects provide opportunity to work with world class researchers in the field of bio-products using renewable resources.
PhD Projects
UTS C3 uses world class research technology

Thinking about a PhD in 2016?

C3 has a range of projects for high calibre students who want to work with world experts and next generation environmental technology
ARC Linkage funding awarded to C3 and GE Healthcare collaboration that aims to boost innovation in Australian algae biotechnology sector.
UTS marine toxin experts are collaborating with the NSW Food Authority to better understand the impact warmer waters will have on commercial oyster species
A collaboration between UTS:C3 and CSIRO have resulted in the launch of a new research tool to investigate the complex scientific questions around seagrass biology and physiology
There are great hopes for the potential of coastal plants and seaweeds to store carbon and help counter the effects of climate change and a new study involving C3 research is backing that potential