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The Centre investigates the changing contexts and practices of contemporary life. Learning is central to our agenda since it is through learning that change occurs. An important focus is on ideas of practice, from educational and professional practices to language and social practices more generally.
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Doing ethnography in teams

A case study of asymmetries in collaborative research by Teena Clerke and Nick Hopwood.
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Contexts that motivate 'at-risk' youths

In this seminar, consideration will be given to how teachers in alternative schools promote (re-)engagement in and motivation for learning for ‘at-risk’ youth through building ‘a curriculum of success’.
A new study of hospital emergency rooms has shown how communication breakdowns between patients and medical staff can lead to problems in treatment delivery and potentially reduced patient safety.
The Centre for Research in Learning & Change and the Centre for the Study of Choice present a new report of a study Retaining Effective Early Career Teachers in NSW Schools.
The second ProPEL conference will take place 25-27 June at the University of Stirling in Scotland. Through the Work Life Learning Change research program here in FASS, we are keen to support students who wish to attend, and to facilitate linking up with other students.
A new report from the Centre for Research in Learning & Change presents the findings of a research collaboration between UTS, Tresillian Family Care Centres and Kathleen York House (KYH), a small residential rehabilitation service for substance-dependent mothers and their children.