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Centre for Real-time Information Networks
Four research programs have been established in CRIN to shapen its research focus: Intelligent Transport Systems Program (ITSP), led by Dr Xiaobo Qu; Security, Trust and Privacy Research Program (STPRP), led by Dr Priyadarsi Nanda; Wireless Embedded Networked Sensing and Localisation Program (WENSLP), led by A/Prof Kumbesan Sandrasegaran; and Advanced Networks Program (ANP), led by Prof Robin Braun.
Dr Xiaobo Qu joined CRIN in July 2016 and brings with him the much need expertise in intelligent transportation systems.
Prof Robin Braun has been awarded an innovation connections grant with Exablaze in the SDN area with a total of $230,000 over two years to build the fastest network switch in the world.
Professor Guoqiang Mao has won a grant from Huawei to support his research on 5G networks