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Centre for Policy and Market Design

The Centre for Policy and Market Design (CPMD) is an innovative hub for research, teaching, networking, and practical advice. Members from various disciplines within the Business School combine their different backgrounds and expertise in a single centre to facilitate synergistic research collaborations, broaden the fields of research and expertise, and attract attention and funding from external organisations including businesses, policy makers, and governmental agencies.

Market Design Research

Centre for Policy and Market Design

Market design studies why some institutions are successful and how to mend those that fail. The UTS Centre for Policy and Market Design combines the EDG's broad range of policy design expertise.


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Forthcoming publications

Suzuki T. 'Reminder game: Indirectness in persuasion', Games and Economic Behavior, forthcoming.

Van Essen, M., Wooders, J. 'Dissolving a Partnership Dynamically', Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming.

Suzuki, T. 'Directives, Expressives and Motivation', Theoretical Economics, forthcoming