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Memory Flows at Newington Armory

May 14- June 20, 2010

The Memory Flows project has continued though 2010 with a major two month exhibition at The Armory, Sydney Olympic Park, on the banks of the Parramatta River.

Supported by the Australia Council, the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, ABC Pool and UTS, Memory Flows featured fifteen media artworks contributed by twenty CMAI members and affiliated artists. Opened by Judith Blackall of the Museum of Contemporary Art, and including a curator led tour and public forum on June 20, Memory Flows was open for only 15 exhibition days, but was seen by an astounding 2,700 gallery visitors.

Bringing media art to new audiences outside of the inner city, Memory Flows included video and audio installations, interactive media works, mobile devices, projections on surfaces and through water, and an array of river related artworks and artifacts, from the following artists:
Ian Andrews, Chris Bowman, Chris Caines, Damian Castaldi, Sherre DeLys, Clement Girault, Jacqueline Gothe, Ian Gwilt, Nigel Helyer, Megan Heyward, Neil Jenkins, Solange Kershaw, Roger Mills, Maria Miranda, Norie Neumark, Shannon O'Neill, Greg Shapley, Victor Steffenson, Jen Teo and Jes Tyrrell.

Many thanks to the curatorial team of Norie Neumark, Deb Turnbull and Sophia Kouyoumdjian.

The exhibition was reviewed by Gail Priest in RealTime Arts Online (opens external site).

Memory Flows at Liquid Architecture, Performance Space

24-27 July, 2009

Memory Flows is an ongoing and distributed media art project of the CMAI, funded by the Inter-Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts. Starting in June, it will flow into and be distributed through exhibitions, group shows, events, spaces - building its own full flow along the way, for a full exhibition in 2010.

Further information: http://memoryflows.net (opens an external site)

Photo of man with guitar and portable music playerGreg Shapley, In Memoriam

Photo of man in alleywayMaria Miranda and Norie Neumark,
Searching for the Inland Sea

Phot of man with unrecognisable belongings in a netNigel Helyer, Adrift

The CMAI project, Memory Flows, had its first iterations at the 10th Liquid Architecture festival, Performance Space Sydney on July 24 - 27 2009 with exhibition of works by Jaqueline Gothe and Ian Gwilt (Drawing Water 1), Nigel Helyer (Adrift), Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark (Searching for the Inland Sea), and Greg Shapley (In Memoriam) and a performance, The Field, by Chris Caines, Shannon O'Neill and Jes Tyrrell, which is also part of Image Ecologies (UTS Foyer, July 25-August 14). Material from all Memory Flows artists is being shown on the kiosks in Image Ecologies.

Memory flows: rivers, creeks, and the Great Artesian Basin

Australia has been suffering one of the worst droughts ever, making water an especially poignant and pressing concern at the moment. But water has always run deep in the Australian imaginary and reality. Our rivers are strange, flowing inland, rather than to the sea. Indeed, this flow had early explorers searching for a (mythical or at least very ancient) inland sea. For tens of thousands of years, water has played a crucial role for the Indigenous people of this driest of continents, as they used their extensive knowledge of underground river systems for sustainable water management. But now The Great Artesian Basin (the system of underground waterways and rivers) is being interfered with below ground, while above ground, also through abuse and mismanagement, many rivers are dying - some alive only in memory.

As elsewhere around the globe, Australian rivers are conduits that are emblematic of networking systems, travel systems and survival systems. They are also the ground for flows of memory, as riverbeds, for instance, hold the memory of water embedded in the land. This project will tap into and out of memory flows - along Australia's riverbeds and groundwater systems. Memories and stories - both actual and fictional - will flow and stream from Australians' intense and varied relationships with water. The project will look at and listen to memory as it is borne along the currents, embedded in the flora and debris, traced along dried up riverbeds. As artists access the flow of memories from above, from the shoreline and along the rivers' currents, the stream of memory will run through a series of live performative and performance events as well as preproduced or 'canned' projects.

Participating artists are: Chris Bowman, Chris Caines, Sherre DeLys, Clement Giraud, Jacqueline Gothe, Ian Gwilt, Megan Heyward, Nigel Helyer, Maria Miranda, Norie Neumark, Shannon O'Neill, Greg Shapley, Viktor Steffenson, Jes Tyrrell.

Satellite photo of river systemJacqueline Gothe and Ian Gwilt,
Memory Flows

The Sound of Failure

The Sound of Failure is sound art festival based in Sydney that explores notions of organised and indeterminate music/sound/noise as conceived and experienced in this, our post-digital era. It is both an inclusive and critical exploration of a broad spectrum of audio experience that includes everything from experimental cabaret, to granular synthesis-derived microsound.

In 2008, the Sound of Failure is a multi-sited event centred around the main performance night at the Factory Theatre in Enmore on August 30. Curated by Greg Shapley.

Please see soundoffailure.com (opens an external site) for more details.


Re-enchantment is a broadband interactive documentary project exploring why fairy stories continue to enchant, entertain, fascinate and horrify contemporary adult audiences. Re-enchantment offers an extremely immersive experience in which to explore well known fairy tales and their not so well known meanings. By finding symbols found on the forest paths, the user is transported into seven story spaces: Bluebeard, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Hansel and Gretel, Cinderella, Rapunzel and Red Riding Hood. Each story in its unique way invites you to navigate the historical, social, cultural and psychological layers embedded in the traditional tales, to discover their meaning for adults today and to view the way they are being re-imagined by contemporary artists.


Re-enchantment is a poetic and provocative act of creative interpretation, bringing together digital video, documentary footage, photography, animation, still images and sound. The website will be hosted by ABC On-Line and have cross platform applications including 10 x 3 minute television interstitials.
The project has been initiated by experienced documentary filmmaker Sarah Gibson, Senior Lecturer in Creative Practices Academic Group at UTS.
Re-enchantment has brought together an extremely dynamic creative team of Sarah Gibson (director) Sue Maslin (producer), Megan Heyward (project consultant), Catherine Gleeson (interactive designer) and Sharon Jakovsky (musician/sound designer). Together they have highly developed skills in documentary filmmaking and new media design. Each member has a reputation for innovation in their field. Together they contribute to a very strong production team for Re-enchantment.
Funded by Film Victoria, ABC and Australian Film Commission.