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Sustainable Supply Network Initiative

The Sustainable Supply Network Initiative is a research platform that focusses on how interactions across complex supply networks can build sustainable value. SSNI members collaborate with business, NGOs and government on projects that facilitate transition to a more ‘circular’ business model that has the potential to generate economic value in specific industries while reducing negative social and environmental impact. The Initiative will promote problem solving and provide linkages across UTS and between academia and other sectors in order to further our understanding of how ethical and responsible management in supply networks can progress sustainability.

Implementing sustainability across complex, often global, supplier networks is proving a major challenge for researcher and practitioners. Key areas of interest include addressing the economic, social and environmental costs associated with issues such as climate change and the impacts of global supply chains on human rights, distribution of waste, child labour and corruption. In response to this challenge the Initiative aims to gather expertise across the fields of network design, collaboration and leadership; power and codes of practice, social accountability, transportation, factors influencing information flows, human rights and fair labour practices.

A special issue of the Journal of Industrial Relation has been published following the successful workshop the Associate Professor Sarah Kaine and the Sustainable Supply Network Initiative hosted at UTS last year.
The Centre for Management and Organisation Studies hosted a session on “Sustainability in Asia”, as part of its “Sustainable Supply Networks Initiative”, in collaboration with CSR Asia, a leading provider of advisory, research and training services on sustainable business practices in Asia.
The fragmentation of global production has dramatically increased the length and complexity of supply chains. A serious problem with such long and complex supply chains is that this can lead to a lack of oversight and worker exploitation such as the use of child and forced labour
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