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The UTS Centre for Local Government (CLG) is the leading university-based Centre in Australia delivering an extensive program of local government research, teaching and specialist consulting services.

Our degree courses are developed after extensive local government consultation and are designed to make maximum benefit of the knowledge gained from the Centre's concurrent research and consultancy activities.

The Centre has a reputation for understanding the needs of local government and local communities across a range of complex strategic, planning and policy issues.

The Centre is actively involved in a wide variety of engagement activities with the local government sector both across Australia and internationally.

The current issue of the Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration features articles from a number of Centre researchers under the theme 'Resourcefulness Opportunities and Challenges in Local Government: Australian Perspectives.'
A full room of local government professionals listened intently to a presentation by Associate Professor Roberta Ryan about what contemporary Australians value about local government.
UTS:CLG is undertaking national research to determine community attitudes to local government. Based on a survey of 2,000 Australians, the research will demonstrate how and why communities value the activities and role of local governments.
The Forum of Federations, based in Ottawa, Canada has released a new Occasional Paper written by staff of UTS:CLG entitled 'Decentralisation and Subsidiarity: Concepts and frameworks for emerging economies'.