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What lies beneath

11 August 2017

Marie Morelato is an international student, from Switzerland, completing a PhD in forensic science. Claude Roux is the Director of the Centre for Forensic Science and one of Marie’s PhD supervisors. They reveal why forensics is at a crossroads and how research at UTS is helping to make crime investigation easier.

I first came to UTS as an exchange student from the University of Lausanne in 2007 – Lausanne is very selective about their collaborations and UTS was the only exchange program offered. I stayed here for one year and did my first year of masters, then went home. I came back in 2009 because I really liked the lifestyle and I had the opportunity to do a research project at UTS with the Australian Federal Police (AFP). I was developing new techniques for gunshot residue detection. I really enjoyed the team I worked with, and I love Australia, so when I went back home I applied for my PhD at UTS.

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