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The Centre for Forensic Science (CFS) is a world leading academic and research group in forensic science. Its’ vision is in crime reduction, crime solving and national security for society, and that there are great benefits for Australia in modern and validated scientific techniques, processes and policies for the prevention and investigation of crime and terrorism.

Its niche is in the application of enabling sciences to address questions that are fundamental to the concept of national security and public safety, including: intelligence, law enforcement and justice.

It offers a wide range of high quality research, training, education and consultancy services with practical solutions such as operational forensics laboratories, law enforcement agencies, law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, organisations as well as individuals and the community.

Many of these solutions involve the Centre working in partnership with national and international organisations.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss research opportunities, and to explore collaborations, and partnerships. Please download the Centre’s Brochure (PDF, 722kB).