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About the centre

About us

The Centre gathers academics and associate industry partners who share the vision that crime reduction, crime solving and national security in general are important for society, and that there are great benefits for Australia in modern and validated scientific techniques, processes and policies for the prevention and investigation of crime and terrorism.

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Our niche is the application of enabling sciences to address questions that are fundamental to the concept of national security and public safety, including: intelligence, law enforcement and justice.

Our activities offer relevant practical solutions for organisations such as operational forensics laboratories, law enforcement agencies, law firms, insurance companies, as well as individuals and the community in general. Many of these solutions involve the Centre working in partnership with local and overseas businesses and organisations.

Our research is industry- and outcome-driven; and through practical innovation, the Centre contributes to the UTS vision of becoming a world-leading university of technology.

We capitalise on the well-established UTS Forensic Science programs and organise short courses and professional seminars.

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Our services

We provide expert services and consultancies through accessUTS in a number of areas, including:

  • Criminalistics/trace evidence
  • Explosives residues
  • Fire investigation and analysis
  • Illicit drugs/toxicology
  • Questioned documents
  • Marks and fingerprints

We have many community connections including senior representatives from the NSW State and the Australian Federal Police, the National Institute of Forensic Science (Australia) and relevant private businesses.

Our extensive networks with the international Forensic Science community ensures we are globally relevant - a situation unique in Australia.


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