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The Centre gathers academics and associate industry partners who share the vision that crime reduction, crime solving and national security in general are important for society.
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Forensic Science papers receive national awards

Forensic Science papers receive awards

Six members of the Centre for Forensic Science have received awards for Best Literature Review Article and Best Technical Article in the National Institute of Forensic Science Awards.
UTS Science in Focus lecture on new methods of gunshot residue analysis given by Dr Alison Beavis.
UTS forensic biology expert Peter Gunn says emerging technologies in forensic science promise greater accuracy in identifying suspects – right down to ethnicity, eye and hair colour and health profile.
UTS Professor Claude Roux was invited to visit the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Netherlands, to represent the ANZFSS at the inaugural meeting of the first Scientific Advisory Board of the Office of the Prosecutor.
The UTS Centre for Forensic Science (CFS) was first launched in November 2002 and this year it celebrated its ten year anniversary.