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Corporate Governance is the system by which corporations are directed and controlled. The key university research UTS Centre for Corporate Governance brings together researchers from accounting, finance, management and legal backgrounds to provide a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to one of the most critical problems faced by organisations in both the private and public sector.

The corporate governance structure and processes specify the distribution of rights and responsiblities among different participants in the corporation, such as the board, managers, shareholders and other stakeholders. The aim is to align as nearly as possible the interests of individuals, corporations and society.

The UTS Centre is engaged in major research projects with industrial and professional partners, teaching and curriculum development, academic publications and conferences, and is also dedicated to policy development and legal reform. The UTS Centre also is involved in professional consultancy, the provision of short courses, and in the improvement of practice. The UTS Centre has good international links with other research bodies examining the reform of corporate governance worldwide.