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Research opportunities

Research opportunities for potential students

The Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG) focuses on addressing the following areas:

  • issues of ownership and control
  • boards, directors and board committees
  • corporate governance reforms, processes, and practices
  • national and international developments in corporate governance
  • corporate governance and globalization
  • the role of institutional investors in corporate governance
  • theories of corporate governance
  • corporate social responsibility
  • stakeholders and sustainability.

Doctoral students undertake an inter-disciplinary approach to corporate governance. Projects and publications from the Centre are directed towards the advancement of knowledge, relevant and influential policy formulation, curriculum development, teaching, and external consulting services.

Research Program

The Centre provides opportunities for occasional seminars and lectures for local and visiting academics, and workshops on current research projects.

For Students

Research students wishing to undertake a doctorate in corporate governance should at first instance, direct their queries to the research unit of the Faculty of Business. The appropriate email is research.business@uts.edu.au and further information will be given in terms of administrative, enrolment and supervisory requirements.

Doctoral students are encouraged to apply for internal and external research grants related to their topic. International students are well-advised to look at the Australian Government's Endeavour Awards program as a source to fund their doctoral research in corporate governance.