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Green Collar collaboration with UTS boosts assessment of carbon project risks

24 May 2017

A collaborative research partnership has been announced between The GreenCollar Group and University of Technology Sydney Centre for Compassionate Conservation (CfCC).

The environmental research program aims to increase the understanding of risk factors to current carbon capture projects and identify opportunities that will maximise conservation and biodiversity outcomes in Australia’s rangelands. The Rangelands cover 80% of Australia, include a huge diversity of habitats and ecological communities and generate billions of dollars through agriculture, pastoralism, tourism and mining.

L to R: Dr Jenny Sinclair and Dr Rachael Nolan

L to R: Dr Jenny Sinclair and Dr Rachael Nolan

The collaboration is partly funded through AusIndustry’s Innovation Connections, a program established to drive new industry-led collaborations between researchers and business to foster the development of new ideas with commercial potential. As part of the collaboration UTS plant biologist and ecological modeller, Dr Rachael Nolan, will join Green Collar as a Research Associate. Dr Nolan is an emerging researcher in carbon and water cycling across Australia.

“We are extremely excited to have Dr Nolan join our team. With her extensive research experience in carbon and water dynamics across Australia’s forests and woodlands, Rachael will be a valuable asset in the development of our carbon project risk assessment protocol with the CfCC” said GreenCollar CEO and co-founder James Schultz.

“GreenCollar continues to set the standard for innovative solutions to meet the challenges of climate change and our research partnerships are a key aspect to drive these solutions into the future” he said.

Established in 2008 Green Collar have project managed some of the world’s largest sustainable land management and carbon forestry projects across Australia, South-East Asia, the Pacific & Africa. The company’s overall research objective is to develop projects that deliver world-class research to environmental managers and other stakeholders to use in land-use planning and decision-making. This includes understanding how ecosystems function, monitoring their status and ecology, maintaining and building ecosystem resilience, and exploring how to better use markets to promote sustainable land use practices whilst promoting social welfare.

GreenCollar Head of Research and Project Services, Dr Jennifer Sinclair said, “We currently have more than 100 land sector carbon projects under the Commonwealth’s Emissions Reduction Fund covering 3 million ha in NSW, QLD & SA. This announcement is an exciting step towards gaining a greater understanding of carbon project risk management so that we can maximise productivity and positive environmental outcomes through better, cost-efficient, land management.”

CfCC Director, Associate Professor Daniel Ramp said “This collaboration with GreenCollar is a great opportunity to further research into maximising carbon sequestration and environmental co-benefits of carbon projects. We’re particularly excited to be undertaking research in Australia’s rangelands which constitute a significant, but often over-looked, component of Australia’s terrestrial carbon stores. ”

About GreenCollar

GreenCollar provides an environmental markets-based approach to climate change. The company is a highly regarded investor in Environmental markets and advisor to Government bodies, NGOs and research groups involved in the development and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies.