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Download the Centre brochure (PDF, 765kB)

The Centre for Compassionate Conservation is an innovative research, education and advisory centre at the forefront of an emerging international movement to create practical and compassionate solutions to protect wild and captive animals.

Based at the University of Technology, Sydney, the Centre has been founded to support the research efforts of Australian and international conservation experts and educators developing and applying a compassionate approach. Compassionate conservation seeks to build the welfare of individual animals into conservation practice to improve outcomes for people, the environment and all wild animals.

We offer insight, creativity, knowledge, and strong visions for the future. We aim to promote synergies between development, conservation and animal welfare to tackle the challenges facing decision makers. By recognising that the welfare of individual animals matters as much as the welfare of entire animal populations, compassionate conservation provides new solutions to previously intractable problems and advocates for better co-existence.

Our vision is to better conserve nature by protecting the welfare of individual animals in captivity and in the wild. To achieve this vision we will:

  • Facilitate national and international research collaborations that explicitly address the welfare of wild animals alongside conservation objectives.
  • Build productive relationships and partnerships that drive real change in policy and law in Australia and internationally.
  • Foster public awareness and discussion of peer-reviewed research relating to compassionate conservation.
  • Develop best-practice frameworks and tools to enable wildlife managers to consider multiple stakeholder views in environmental decision-making.
  • Facilitate dialogue between stakeholders to find solutions to seemingly intractable environmental problems.
  • Train the leaders of tomorrow by offering cutting-edge multidisciplinary teaching and learning programs for the future.