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Centre for Compassionate Conservation

We are an innovative research, education and advisory centre that improves the welfare of wild animals using a Compassionate Conservation approach.
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Your gifts will allow the Centre to grow Compassionate Conservation movement and push for change in legislation and policy to better protect our wildlife.
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Compassionate Conservation in action

International research is beginning to explore frameworks for the unification of animal welfare and conservation sciences.
A partnership between The Green Collar Group and Centre for Compassionate Conservation aims to manage the risks involved in achieving sustainable outcomes for carbon farming projects.
Liv Baker discusses the case for considering the individual animal in wildlife conservation.
A globally diverse group of 20 academics and humane groups has concluded that changing human practices to coexist with wildlife is the first step when considering whether, and how, to control wildlife.
Researchers have found that protecting dingoes on a large Australian cattle station did not lead to an increase in predation rates on livestock.

Centre fro Compassionate Conservation

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2017 International Compassionate Conservation Conference

20 - 24 November 2017
Themed symposia covering a range of disciplines, exciting field trips, and a series of tailored workshops bring together experts in science, law, ethics, and environmental humanities.

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Contribute to the Compassionate Conservation of wild animals in Australia and around the world.

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KangaroosDownload the Kanganomics: a socio-economic assessment of the commerical kangaroo industry report (PDF, 2MB)

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