Centre for Compassionate Conservation

We are an innovative research, education and advisory centre that improves the welfare of wild animals using a Compassionate Conservation approach.
Two kangaroos eating leaves in the bush

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Compassionate Conservation in action

International research is beginning to explore frameworks for the unification of animal welfare and conservation sciences.
A clear lack of credible scientific data and applied local research is the missing link to unlocking the problem of kangaroos mixing with race cars and residents at Mount Panorama.
Professor of Marine Ecology David Booth from the UTS School of the Environment questions the effectiveness of shark culls and nets in ensuring public safety and the policy’s long-term consequences on our marine environment.
A new UTS research centre will help discover viable humane ways for managing species of wildlife that are often considered pests.
Dr Bekoff’s most recent book, Ignoring Nature No More: The Case for Compassionate Conservation, comes out 1 June 2013 from the University of Chicago Press.