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Centre for Compassionate Conservation

We are an innovative research, education and advisory centre that improves the welfare of wild animals using a Compassionate Conservation approach.
Two kangaroos eating leaves in the bush

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Your gifts will allow the Centre to grow Compassionate Conservation movement and push for change in legislation and policy to better protect our wildlife.
A baby turtle sitting in a person's hand

Compassionate Conservation in action

International research is beginning to explore frameworks for the unification of animal welfare and conservation sciences.
Wild dog attacks on livestock are devastating, but bounties and culling aren't the answer, write Euan Ritchie and Arian Wallach.
The Wildlife One Health Initiative is a dynamic cross-disciplinary team of UTS scientists who aim to tackle wildlife health, loss and extinction.
The death of an iconic albino kangaroo has saddened researchers studying the local kangaroo population and highlights ongoing efforts to improve human and animal interactions on the Mt Panorama race circuit in Bathurst.
University of Technology Sydney’s doctoral candidate Gavin Bonsen, is the first-ever recipient of JNF Australia’s Arava-Finkel Scholarship.