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We are an innovative research, education and advisory centre that improves the welfare of wild animals using a Compassionate Conservation approach.
Two kangaroos eating leaves in the bush

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A baby turtle sitting in a person's hand

Compassionate Conservation in action

International research is beginning to explore frameworks for the unification of animal welfare and conservation sciences.
This public lecture draws upon case studies to explore how we respond to inconvenient animal populations, the fallout for animals and people alike and considers how we can work toward more compassionate solutions for the future.
The head of new survey of kangaroos at Bathurst's Mount Panaroma says the research will play an important role as second race track is considered.
Killing and harming animals in the name of conservation is not just unethical, it is counterproductive.
A clear lack of credible scientific data and applied local research is the missing link to unlocking the problem of kangaroos mixing with race cars and residents at Mount Panorama.