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Centre for Clean Energy Technology
The Centre focuses on the development of efficient devices for energy harvesting, storage, and conversion.
PhD opportunities
Lithium Ion battery

Battery technology PhD scholarships

The Centre for Clean Energy Technology is offering three PhD research scholarships to outstanding candidates to work on electromaterials for applications in rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.
Featured News
Katja Kretschmer

Packing heat

PhD student Katja Kretschmer’s research aims to create advanced lithium ion batteries that can assist in utilising wind and solar energy more efficiently.
Xiuqiang Xie, a PhD candidate from the Centre for Clean Energy Technology, has won a 2015 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad.
Following the commercial success of lithium-ion battery applications, the sodium ion batteries to attract people's interest in research.
Because sodium rich resources, distribution, and low cost advantages, sodium-ion batteries are considered to be large-scale electrochemical energy storage it can be widely used in rechargeable batteries system.
Environmentally clean energy due to the gradual increase of the current global warming and increasingly serious global environmental awareness, develop a high energy density has become the focus of attention, electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles has also been favored by researchers in all directions.