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CAS research

Research overview

Research at the Centre for Autonomous Systems aims to deliver robotics solutions to a vast range of real-world problems. Since 2009, we have been building an extensive body of knowledge in:

  • field robotics, which looks at the sensing, perception and control of intelligent machines in unstructured environments
  • human-centred robotics, or robots that can support human beings to undertake a wide range of tasks.

CAS has a growing reputation for research excellence, evidenced by more than $15 million in research funding since 2003. Currently, our researchers are working on projects worth $4 million in external grant funding.

Our research program is split into three research streams: fundamental research, applied research and research translation.

Research achievements

Our research team has won a number of awards, including six best paper awards at international conferences, two Engineering Excellence Awards (Sydney) awards and a UTS Research Excellence Award. We were finalists in the 2013 IEEE/IFR Innovation Award, the 2013 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes and the 2013 AEEA.

We are actively engaged in collaborative research, developing a number of joint research initiatives with robotics experts across the globe.