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Year StartProject Title
2015A Bio-Inspired Climbing Robot for Cleaning and Painting Internal Surfaces of the Arches in the Sydney Harbour Bridge
2015An Intelligent Robotic System for Underwater Structure Maintenance
2015Evaluating The Benefits Of Smart Technology In In-Home Care Practice
2015Scoping Study - space allocation and AGV scheduling for CSR
2014Assistive Robotic Systems for Augmenting Human Strength in Industrial Applications
2014Development of a Deployable Climbing Robot for the SHB Inspection and Condition Assessment
2014Integrated Passenger Behaviour, Train Operations Diagnostics and Vehicle Condition Monitoring System
2014Intelligent Robotic Diver for Underwater Bridge Pylon Cleaning and Inspection - Scoping Study and Robot Design
2014Machine Alignment System for Remote Operation and Integration of Auto-Cut Process (Stage 3)
2014Step Climbing Attachment for Powered Wheelchairs — Prototype Development
2014Value Based Trading System: Image Analysis of Sheep and Beef Carcasses - Proof of Concept
2013Advanced Condition Assessment and Failure Prediction Technologies for Optimal Management of Critical Pipes: Stage 2
2013Assistive Robotic Systems for Abrasive Blasting
2013Control of the Honda Walking Assist Device Based On Active Admittance and Inertia Compensation
2013Enabling Methodologies for Automated Monitoring and Control of Robotic Grit-Blasting Process and Multi-Robot Collaborative Blasting
2013Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) Guidance System Part B
2013Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) at AusRail Part D
2013Joint Centre of Robotics Research (UTS-ZJU)
2013Machine Alignment System for Remote Operation (Stage 1 and 2)
2012Development of Globally Optimal Solutions to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Robot Navigation
2012New Dawn for Value Based Trading Systems in the Beef and Sheep Meat Industries
2012Translating Assistive Robotic Technology To Aged Care Practice
2011Advanced Condition Assessment and Failure Prediction Technologies for Optimal Management of Critical Pipes
2011Responsive Transport Environments: Spatial and Visual User Information Technologies To Allow Improved Passenger Flow and A Better Customer Experience
2010Biologically Inspired Robotic System for Steel Bridge Condition Assessment
2010Development of Grit-blasting Assistive Devices for Steel Bridge Maintenance (RTA Harbour Bridge) (Stage 3)
2008Efficient Strategies for Coordinating Autonomous Vehicles for Maximising Australia's Waterfront Productivity
2008Precision Three-dimensional Localization System for Underground Mining Vehicles, Offering Improved Productivity and Personnel Safety
2007A Robotic System for Steel Bridge Maintenance (Stage 2)
2006Autonomous Systems for Road Bridge Maintenance (Stage 1)
2005ARC Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems