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PhD students

David Lakisa

Thesis title: Managing Pasifika Diaspora in the National Rugby League (NRL).

Supervisors: Daryl Adair, Tracy Taylor, Katerina Teaiwa (ANU), John Chelliah


Greg Joachim

Thesis title: Employing Design Thinking to Maximize Social Capital Development Among Stakeholders in Youth Baseball.

Supervisors: Nico Schulenkorf, Stephen Frawley, Katie Schlenker


Hunter Fujak

Thesis title: A Qualitative Analysis of the Influence of Demographics on Sport Consumption

Supervisors: Daryl Adair, Stephen Frawley, Stephen Bush


Jack Sugden

Thesis title: Trouble in Paradise? Sport and Integration in Fiji.

Supervisors: Nico Schulenkorf, Daryl Adair, Deborah Edwards


Loïc Pedras

Thesis title: The Future of Sport Organisations. Organisational Responses to Institutional Complexity

Supervisors: Tracy Taylor, Stephen Frawley, Danielle Logue


Paul Templeman

Thesis title: Drivers, Barriers and Benefits of the Digital Transformation of Sport

Supervisors: Linda Leung, Daryl Adair


Veronica Lo Presti

Thesis title: Universal Design in Sport: a catalyst for social inclusion?

Supervisors: Tracy Taylor, Jenny Onyx, Jim Underwood