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'News of the World' hacking

Australian newspaper coverage of the 'News of the World' hacking

UTS Journalist academic Jenna Price and journalist and professor with the ACIJ, Wendy Bacon, compared the coverage by the Australian national dailies of the 'News of the World' hacking story.  The findings are clear:

The Broadsheets

In the week of July 8 to 15:

  • The Sydney Morning Herald (Fairfax) carried 50 stories, more than any other paper.
  • The Australian ran 44 stories and The Age 33
  • The Australian newspaper relied much more on commentary (45% of coverage) than the Sydney Morning Herald (25%). Much of the commentary in The Australian was critical of responses to the News scandal.

The Tabloids

In the same week:

  • No News Limited tabloid carried the phone hacking story on on the first two pages, with most stories not to be found in the first ten pages of the paper.
  • Sydney tabloid The Daily Telegraph (News) carried nine stories, the least of any paper.
  • The Adelaide Advertiser (News) and the Herald Sun (News) each ran 16.

This study was commissioned by The Conversation but has been republished on the Drum and an US publicatin.

Read the full article at the Conversation.