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George Munster Award for Independent Journalism

The George Munster Award recognises excellence in independent journalism.

Conditions of the Award 

Please note that the award conditions are currently under review and may change.

The primary criteria underpinning this award are independence and excellence. ‘Independence’ refers to the demonstrated attitude and mindset of the journalist in relation to the parties who have a direct interest in the content of the piece or series submitted.

There will be only one award presented each year and this will be at the discretion of the judges. The prize may not be given if there is not deemed to be a suitable candidate. The amount of the award is $1000.

The award is for the best piece of journalism or series, published or broadcast in any medium over 12 months. Applicants must have been ordinarily resident in Australia for no less than twelve months prior to that date. The work presented by the applicant for consideration must demonstrate:

  1. intellectual rigour, integrity and independence from undue influence
  2. accuracy, insight and sophistication of investigation and analysis
  3. excellence in craft and style in the chosen medium of production and presentation.

For further information please contact Jan McClelland, phone: (02) 9514 2295

Past winners of the George Munster Award

The George Munster Award has been awarded since 1986.   View a list of past winners (90Kb pdf). In some years, no award is made. 

About George Munster

George Munster was a co-founder of the Nation, a fortnightly journal (later to merge with The Review to become Nation Review), and a freelance editor, journalist and writer of books. He later became an editor with Angus and Robertson Publishers and reverted to freelance work both as a journalist and writer.

When George’s book Rupert Murdoch: A Paper Prince was launched in October 1985, a little over a year after his death, a number of his friends decided to commemorate his life and the outstanding contribution he made to journalism by instituting an annual award to a freelance journalist.