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Research at AAi


As a university research institute, AAi provides interdisciplinary innovation, expertise and leadership in big data, data sciences and analytics sciences.

Our research capabilities include:

  • advanced statistics
  • behaviour analytics and computing
  • big data analytics
  • bioinformatics and biostatistics
  • business analytics
  • compliance analytics
  • corporate analytics
  • data mining
  • data engineering
  • decision-support
  • economic computing
  • educational/learning analytics
  • financial data analytics
  • government analytics
  • health analytics
  • machine learning
  • marketing analytics
  • medical analytics
  • multimedia analytics
  • network analytics
  • optimization
  • payment analytics
  • risk analytics and management
  • smart cities and living
  • social computing
  • social media analytics
  • video surveillance for security and safety
  • multimedia signal processing
  • computer vision and image processing
  • web analytics
  • analytics project management

AAi researchers have wide ranging expertise and practical experience to build collaborative partnerships with a cross section of industry and government partners, providing innovation, consultancies, solutions, services and training in big data science and analytics.