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Landmark conference a boost for Australian data science

28 September 2015

With researchers like Dr Paulo Shakarian from Arizona State University who spoke on the subject of “AI decodes Islamic State strategy” and Prof Hugh Durrant-Whyte from Sydney University who spoke on “Data Science for the Science community”, KDD2015, the first Australian edition of the largest international conference in data analytics, attracted 1192 registrations. 

Dr Shakarian’s analysis established a causal link between air strikes and roadside bomb attacks as well as a connection with the jihadists' use of military tactics. The algorithmic system analysed 2,200 recorded incidents of IS activity from the second half of 2014.

Prof Durrant-Whyte, former CEO of NICTA, argued that the science community is in the Stone Age.  “There is an enormous amount that this [data science] community could do to simply help scientists access and visualise and use data.  I've decided to make the rest of my career about using data science to progress science in general; to try and change the way they do discovery.”,” he said.

This recent international conference, hosted by UTS and AAi, showcased Australia's world-class leadership and expertise in big data analytics, according to conference co-chair Professor Longbing Cao.  It had the largest technical program and poster session, and gained the highest amount of sponsorship and the highest level of support from local government, with the participation of the NSW Premier and Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation.

Visit http://www.kdd.org/kdd2015/ for more information.