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Data Arena at UTS

30 July 2015
In the space of one generation, since the emergence of the first computers in the 1960s, our world has moved from being an entirely analogue one to being highly digital, with computers being used in virtually every aspect of our lives. Old inefficient analogue systems which controlled, for example, health care information and transport networks, have been replaced with efficient digital systems. This, coupled with the explosion of the Internet, has led to the production of very large volumes of digital data. The analysis of this data can offer insights into patterns and trends in ways that were previously impossible.  In an article on the future of data science at the Conversation, Professor Glenn Wightwick, DVC (Research) at UTS says, interacting with data in real-time is a powerful experience.  
Formally opened by NSW Minister for Innovation the Hon Victor Dominello MP, the sensory augmenting capabilities of the UTS Data Arena allow researchers to observe interrelationships, patterns and anomalies not normally seen in data portrayed in a 2D format.  This interactive 3D visualisation system enables the exploration and visualization of data. The facility leverages open-source software, high-performance computing and techniques from movie visual effects to map streams of data into a fully immersive 3D stereo video system that projects 24 million pixels onto a four metre high and ten metre diameter cylindrical screen. 
Contact us at advancedanalytics@uts.edu.au to find out more.