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Partner with AAi

Partnering with AAi can help you enhance and strengthen your business by using analytics for smarter decision-making. Our researchers have extensive experience conducting commercial research and using world-leading analytics techniques to solve pressing industry problems.

AAi works with all types of structured and unstructured data, including numerical, image, social media, client feedback and market research datasets. Our goal is to unlock the value of your data, and use this information to deliver unique insights into your business.

Our research team can assist you to:

  • solve specific data science issues
  • improve decision-making capabilities
  • improve business performance
  • develop new business opportunities.

AAi provides a range of partnership opportunities for industry organisations seeking analytics expertise. AAi’s main focus is contract research. This approach allows us to deliver complete analytics solutions for our partners within defined timeframes.

However, prospective partners can also contact us to discuss other collaborative opportunities, including:

  • sponsorships
  • joint research and development centres
  • contract research projects
  • Australian Research Council Linkage Grants
  • scholarships
  • internships

AAi also offers a range of education and research opportunities, including degree programs, short courses and seminars.

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AAi welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with a range of industry partners seeking research solutions. If you would like to connect with our analytics experts to discuss a project or problem, please contact us.