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AAi have an international reputation for developing intelligent systems and technologies that add value and save money for industry and government partners. These include:

Proactive and efficient risk analytics for health insurance

  • Problem: Health insurers lose billions of dollars through fraudulent activities every year.
  • Solution: AAi has developed the i-Alertor risk management platform. i-Alertor uses plug-in rules derived from business logic and data mining models. It provides a comprehensive range of tools to detect, predict and investigate suspicious insurance claims.

Intelligent video based real-time detection systems

  • Problem: Road/weather conditions and night time visibility issues result in high error rates for camera-based traffic detection systems.
  • Solution: AAi’s low cost, real-time traffic detection technology responds to a range of weather and visibility conditions. Using modular software, our program’s high detection performance delivers a significantly low false positive rate.

Debt analytics

  • Problem: Debt and overpayment is an ongoing problem for many public sector agencies. Detecting and responding to these issues requires manipulation of massive data sets.
  • Solution: AAi has developed cost-effective data mining technology using targeted algorithms. This program can instantly detect, predict and recover debt and overpayments for large organisations.

Bioinformatic solutions for cancer diagnosis and drug design

  • Problem: Identifying relevant gene expression profiles for cancer diagnosis is a complex and time consuming process. Inaccurate diagnosis can lead to negative health outcomes for patients and poor prognosis rates.
  • Solution: AAi’s pattern-based discovery and prediction algorithms can capture disease gene groups that show team expression behaviour. This approach improves the accuracy of both diagnosis and prognosis for a range of cancer types.

Financial markets data analysis

  • Problem: Singular trading strategies are not always successful in obtaining positive financial outcomes.
  • Solution: AAi can offer a solution which allows the user to select the best possible trading strategy combinations so that they can be integrated into a super trading rule for superior risk management and performance.

Online banking risk management

  • Problem: Identification takeover, malware and phishing continue to threaten online banking activities. These challenges seriously affect the ability of financial institutions to maintain secure online banking services.
  • Solution: AAi’s risk management platform embeds mixed data mining models that have been specifically developed for online banking risk analysis. This system provides an overall real-time score for each online banking transaction. It also highlights the top ‘at risk’ transactions for immediate alerting and further investigation.

Learning analytics

  • Problem: Universities require effective data analytics systems to enable the early identification of students at risk of failure and discontinuation.
  • Solution: AAi’s data analytics platform enables university student services outreach programs to identify academically at risk students. This approach will lead to improved student outcomes and retention rates within the tertiary sector.


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