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Analytics Talent Program

The Analytics Talent Program (ATP) provides unique internship opportunities for UTS students to feel and experience what data science, big data analytics research and development are truly about, and how the interesting research in this field can have a significant impact on solving real-world problems.

AAi has an enviable reputation and position in the broad-based field of analytics. The Institute:

  • is home to world-leading analytics researchers and operates a unique Research, Education, and Development integrated model;
  • has gained more than $4.4 million AUD in research and development funding in the last three years;
  • has partnered with more than 20 major organisations, including Microsoft, Centrelink, Westpac, SAS, ATO, IAG;
  • was the only research institution mentioned in the 2013 Australian Government Issues paper on “Big Data Strategy”;
  • is the first research institution to offer research Master and PhD degrees in Analytics.

Students participating in ATP projects will work as members of existing research and development teams at the Advanced Analytics Institute (AAi). They will learn how to produce high quality research papers, creating a pathway to pursue higher research degrees and scholarships, or they will participate in industrial projects and develop skills in analytics engineering, enabling them to pursue job opportunities in the data analytics industry.


  • Selected students may be paid as a Research Assistant for up to $350 to $500 dollars per week during the intern.
  • Students who demonstrate outstanding performance in ATP projects will be given preferential opportunities to apply for casual, part-time, or full-time working positions, capstone projects, or Master of Analytics (Research) and PhD Analytics candidature positions in the Advanced Analytics Institute on completion of the ATP path.
  • Students participating in research projects may be provided with letters of reference to support their future higher research degree and scholarship applications.
  • Students participating in development programs may be provided with letters of reference to support future job applications in industry.
  • Students may have the opportunity to work with industrial and government partners currently affiliated with AAi.


Local and international fourth semester (and above) undergraduate students, honours students, and master by coursework students at UTS who have achieved Distinctions and above are strongly encouraged to apply.


Applicants will be assessed based on their academic record, interest in performing research activities, programming skills, track record, alignment with AAi’s strategic goals, and intended career objectives.


Each ATP project will run for 6 months in the first instance. Students can discuss the possible extension of their projects with their supervisors.

How to apply

Browse the ATP Project Pool, and contact the supervisor of the project you are interested in. The supervisor will assess you and will make the decision on whether he would like to accept you in the project

Application dates

Applications will be accepted throughout the academic year.

ATP Project Pool

For a list of available projects, visit the ATP Project Pool.

For further enquiries, email the ATP coordinator at atp@uts.edu.au.