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Why study analytics?

Demand for skilled analytics graduates is growing at a rapid rate in both traditional and emerging industries. AAi is a leader in analytics research and education in Australia. We offer practise-based, interdisciplinary degree qualifications that are responsive to industry needs.

As an AAi research student, you will work alongside world leading researchers in the analytics field. You will also gain access to their international research and industry networks. Our flexible course structures allow you to align your research with your professional interests. You will graduate with the skills required for an exciting career in your industry of choice, including:

  • banking
  • e-commerce
  • education
  • finance
  • government
  • health, insurance
  • marketing, taxation
  • telecommunications
  • transport

Our courses

Students with a passion for broad-based analytics research are invited to apply for the following courses:

How to apply

Please complete the following steps to apply for postgraduate studies with AAi:

  1. Identify your proposed area of research. You should have developed interests in a specific area of analytics research.
  2. Find a supervisor. Visit the AAi research staff list to find a supervisor with expertise in your chosen research discipline.
  3. Complete the Information Technology Pre-Assessment Form.
  4. Submit your application to the UTS Graduate Research School.


A range of scholarships are available to support you in your studies.

For more information, please email Colin Wise, Education Manager or phone (02) 9514 9267.


To find out about opportunities for internship and research assistant roles, please contact us directly via email on advancedanalytics@uts.edu.au