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About AAi

Vision and mission

Our vision

AAi seeks to be a world-leading interdisciplinary centre of excellence with a focus on innovation in data science and big data analytics, evidence-driven decision making development, education and services in the specific broad-based analytics areas and domains.

Our mission

As the first research institute in Australia dedicated to data science and big data analytics, AAi aims to empower both industry and government by:

  • inventing and applying leading-edge data sciences and advanced analytics to address major decision-making challenges in increasingly complex big data and business environments
  • training and mentoring high calibre and work-ready analytics graduates, researchers and analytical experts.

We aim to become Australia’s leading analytics institute, and to foster extensive engagements with state and federal government agencies and a broad base of corporate clients.

Why big data?

Data science and analytics are rapidly emerging research disciplines. Increases in computing power and data storage capacity across the globe have resulted in businesses generating and storing massive volumes of data. However, despite its vast economic and social value, this data remains a largely untapped resource.

AAi works with organisations across all sectors to extract significant value from huge data sets. Our research outputs can be used to drive business intelligence, performance management, and predictive analytics goals.